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About Us

What is Throne Foam?

Throne Foam is a handcrafted wiping foam designed to keep your log chopper in tip-top shape.  Naturally derived ingredients, including Aloe, Vitamin E, and Vegetable Glycerin make tidying your tar star a strangely pleasurable experience.(Don't worry we won't tell anyone.) But, it’s not just for butts. Throne Foam is also a medical grade no-rinse, non-sensitizing, foaming body wash. RV and Boat owners  love us for the fact that it helps you save water when on the road or on the water. You can transform your tissues or paper towels into body wipes, RV and Boat toilet paper into truly flushable wipes, or just wash your hands without water on the go. Throne Foam is the Eco-Friendly comfort companion that you have been looking for.

No Clogged Toilets, Just Clean Butts

Truly flushable, RV/Boat Black Tank, Sewer, and Septic safe, because it's applied directly to toilet paper. Bye-bye plumber's crack.

More Wipes, Less Waste

With 60 to 280 luxurious wiping experiences per bottle, you pay less for an itch-free life. Without unnecessary packaging, the planet pays less too.

Natural Ingredients, No Sting

Coconut derived Foaming agent, Aloe, Vitamin E, and Vegetable Glycerin for a shiny log chopper. Paraben and Alcohol Free.

Smell Like Royalty or Nothing at All

2 luxurious scents, and 1 Non Scent. (Nonsense?)

The scent of fresh cut tobacco leaves and a hint of ponderosa pine amber will leave you smelling like a king so you can rule the day. 

The scent of Lavender Flowers and Chamomile tea will clean your highness and calm your nerves.

Fragrance Free: We can’t bring ourselves to explain this one. 

Why Throne Foam?

Throne Foam was born out of frustration with the star port sanitation industry. My family and I were avid "flushable" wet wipe users until I found myself standing in an inch of toilet water in my basement bathroom. The plumbers pulled out a softball sized wad of used "flushable wipes" and handed my a bill for $700. They said, "Keep using the Dude wipes if you want us to come back in a couple months".

The hunt was on and the options were awful. The question was how could I wet the toilet paper without it falling apart in my hand? One particularly eventful trip to the throne left me grabbing for the hand soap next to the sink. I stumbled out of the bathroom with my pants around my ankles and exuberantly said to my wife, "We need to clean our butts with foam!!" I'm lucky that she is a patient and understanding woman.

After a ton of testing and formulating, we had created the perfect no-rinse, non-sensitizing, and strangely enjoyable wiping foam. Throne Foam was born.

The Throne Foam Mission

Sell the finest wiping foam, helping people save money and the planet, one bottle at a time.

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