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Foam Answers to Questions

Q: Is Throne Foam actually flushable? I've been led astray before by tar star cleansing products that claim to be flushable but end up clogging my toilet and making me really sad and little bit less trusting of humanity.

A: Yep, it is completely flushable when applied directly to folded toilet paper as directed. Fun Fact: The bottle is not flushable nor will it dissolve like toilet paper.

Q: What does Throne Foam smell like?

A: Throne Foam’s Tobacco Leaf and Amber is the scent of manly confidence. A perfect blend of Fresh Cut Tobacco Leaves and Ponderosa Pine Amber.

Our Lavender Chamomile fragrance is the scent of beauty and tranquility. 

Fragrance Free, we can’t make ourselves explain this one, really.

Q: So, Throne Foam has a Tobacco Leaf and Amber scent. Does that mean that I will be applying nicotine to my anus each time I wipe?

A: The tobacco is just a fragrance. There will be zero nicotine applied to your anus. Unless, we get several thousand letters, emails, or phone calls requesting such a thing.

Q: Are women allowed to use Throne Foam?

A: Throne Foam loves the ladies and ladies love Throne Foam.

Q: How many wipes are in each bottle?

A: Each 1.69 fluid ounce bottle has up to 60 life changing wipes. Our 8 fluid ounce bottle has has up to 280 planet improving.

Q: Do I need to rinse off the Throne Foam after using it?

A: Throne Foam is a no-rinse, non-sensitizing, non-alcoholic, no nonsense, and non-offensive formula. It's great for cleaning your filthy butt, face, pits, or grundle area. Feel free to experiment on any disgusting area of your body, just keep it on the outside and don't drink it. Throne foam is for external use only.

Q: Can kids use Throne Foam?

A: Absolutely, with adult supervision. See: Do not drink. Not even kid filth can resist the power of Throne Foam.

Q: Will I be sensitive to Throne Foam?

A: Throne Foam is designed to be non-sensitizing. However, if you experience signs of sensitivity discontinue use and consult a physician if irritation continues.